Snooze-O-Rama: The Strange Ways That Animals Sleep by Maria Birmingham (Hardback)


Discover the strange and sometimes familiar ways animals settle down for bed. While you brush your teeth and turn out the light, animals all over the world are getting ready for bed in their own unique ways. Otters snuggle under seaweed blankets, plump walruses use their throat pouches as pillows, and just like putting on pajamas, parrotfish cover themselves with a coat of slime before bed. Drawing on scientific research, this nonfiction book for young readers playfully compares the ways humans and animals prepare for a good night’s sleep.

On one page, a child dozes during a car ride or cuddles up to their parents in bed. Flip the page, and readers will delight in discovering how other creatures catch some z’s. Vibrant collage illustrations bring colour and humor to the fascinating facts about animals both familiar and unusual. With lively descriptions of each animal’s bedtime routine, Snooze-O-Rama is a playful introduction to STEM – and an invitation to sleep!

AGES: 4 to 8 AUTHOR: Maria Birmingham is a longstanding contributor to OWL and Chickadee magazines, and the award-winning author of several books for young people, including Acting Wild, Biometrics, and A Beginner’s Guide to Immortality: From Alchemy to Avatars. Maria lives in Brampton, Ontario. Kyle Reed has illustrated characters and worlds for children’s books. He loved to draw animals as a kid and still draws them today in Hamilton, Ontario. Kyle loves a quick nap, usually covered with a quilt.