Snow by John Banville – Our Review


Our Review…

‘The body is in the library…come this way.’
Snow is a real treat, a highly atmospheric literary thriller featuring Irish Detective Inspector St John Strafford, a philosophical but highly likeable loner who with an insatiable curiosity cares little for people’s opinion of him.

He is called to Ballyglass House when a jocular Catholic parish priest is found dead in the library of the mansion – missing several essential body parts. He is perplexed that the aristocratic Protestant Osbourne family all are unnervingly calm about this occurrence. A Catholic community priest dead in a wealthy Protestant family home should raise some red flags.
Strafford is himself from landed gentry, which makes him an outsider on the force, but a perfect mind for this clever case of monied manners, church division and high deception.

I loved Snow, as much for its light warm humour as for its insights into people’s souls and the complicated forces that motivate them.
A terrific intellectual ‘who-dunnit’ style read, without any of the gruesome bits!

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books