Son of Sin by Omar Sakr – Our Review


Our Review…

‘Son of Sin’ by Omar Sakr tells the poignant and profoundly poetic, coming of age story of a young queer Muslim man.

The main character, Jamal Smith, lives in Western Sydney and is being raised by the extended family on his estranged mother’s side. In the shadows, never spoken about is the past of an absent father and abusive mother, this near history hangs heavy in the background.

We follow Jamal throughout his life, as he struggles and grows not only as young Muslim man, but as he comes to identify as queer. Journeying with him from the perimeters as he comes to understand his life, his history, his identity, race, sexuality and family, and his place within it all.

An important and representative book, the author has written a remarkable saga that is filled with brilliant pose and powerful themes.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books

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