Song for a Scarlet Runner by Julie Hunt


Nine-year old Peat is on the run after being blamed for bringing blight upon her village. Pushed ever outwards to the forbidden Marshes her only companion is a squirrel like creature she names a ‘sleek’. Peat is a wonderfully portrayed character, bright and sparky, resilient and inquisitive, you cannot help but become enthralled in her adventures. Sleek become bonded to her and is by turns vicious and faithful, the creature is an amazing feat of the imagination in itself. When Peat is rescued from danger by one of the eccentric keeper of the marsh – one of the great seven ‘marsh aunties’ called Eadie – who wears a coat ridden with pockets of treasures and herbs, little does she realize that the greatest peril is yet to come. The marsh Auntie, a mythical weaver of magical tales, needs Peat – but why and what is Peat’s destiny?
Wonderful for ages 9 -12years.
Review by Nicole @ greatescapebooks


DESCRIPTION: Finalist 2013 Aurealis Award
Winner – 2014 Readings  Children’s Book Prize
Shortlisted 2014 CBCA

Song for a Scarlet Runner is a story about friendship and finding your way in the world. The young heroine is forced to make a dangerous journey. She experiences hardship and betrayal but, with courage, luck and the help of her friends, she finds her way to freedom.