Songbirds by Christy Lefteri – Our Review


Our Review…

‘Songbirds’ by Christy Lefteri is a heartbreaking tale that portrays the plight of refugees in the world today. That merely based on where someone is born is a great contributor on the outcome of their life and opportunities.

Nisha is a nanny and maid from Sri Lanka who lives in Cyprus, having moved to earn enough money to send back to her daughter and family who remain in Sri Lanka with relatives.

Yiannis is a poacher who lives in a neighbouring home is desperate to find a better lifestyle and has fallen desperately in love with Nisha.

When Nisha disappears one evening, her employer Petra is devastated to lose her domestic help and is shocked at the response of the local police, having attributed Nisha’s disappearance to another runaway domestic worker looking for a better life.

Incensed, Petra takes on the investigation to find Nisha and we are taken on a journey through the raw and very human side of a migrant’s life. An eye opening and tender story that will have your heart aching and changed for the better.

Can be read in conjunction with her earlier work ‘The Bee Keeper of Aleppo’ or just as brilliantly as a stand alone novel.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books