Songs In Ursa Major by Emma Brodie – Our Review


Our Review…

‘Songs in Ursu Major’ is a flashback to the rhythm filled 70s of music festivals, young love and big dreams all surrounded by the Bayleen Island.

Jesse Reid, is a superstar. Tall, with piercing blue eyes and a reserved personality. On the eve of a headline performance on the island folk festival, he crashes his motorbike and barely survives.

Jane Quinn lives on Bayleen Island, with long flowing blonde hair and her life ahead of her, is gobsmacked when her band are asked to play at the festival in her hometown in place of Jesse Reid.

Jane, steals the show and the crowd just adore her.

Together, Jane and Jesse collide while Jesse remains on the island to recover from his accident and the two strike up a love affair.

But the romance is not just the lofty highs of love, their love is filled with darkness and shadows, and Jane must find the courage to choose, whether to follow her heart or head.

A reflection on the power of music and love, and the choices we make that determine our future.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books