Spy vs Spy: The New Age of Espionage: Australian Foreign Affairs 9 by Jonathan Pearlman


‘As its strength has increased, it has become clear that China has it own preferred set of rules. And that is as true in espionage as it is in geopolitics.’ -Andrew Davies

The ninth issue of Australian Foreign Affairs explores the threat facing Australia as changes in technology enable malign actors to target individuals, officials, business and infrastructure – challenges that have only sharpened due to COVID-19.

Spy vs Spy examines how Australian agencies can defend against this attempt to not only steal secrets but also disrupt the workings of government and society.

Penny Wong argues for a foreign policy shift to confront a fast-changing Asia-Pacific

Andrew Davies sweeps Australian intelligence history to show how technology has transformed state-on-state espionage

Danielle Cave probes how data and technology have shaped espionage in a time of crisis and beyond

Kim McGrath reveals Australia’s intelligence failures in Timor and asks whether we owe more to our neighbours

Anne-Marie Brady uncovers the covert influence and activities of China’s network of spy agencies

Susan Harris Rimmer challenges Australia to shape the agenda of multilateral institutions

Correspondence on AFA8; Can We Trust America from Ashley Townshend, Tarcisius Kabutaulaka and more