Staff thriller favourite – The Night Swim by Megan Goldin


Our Review:
True crime podcasts are a sensational phenomenon, taking the listener into the world of crimes that have touched everyday families. 

Rachel Krall is producing her third season of her increasingly popular podcast, “‘Guilty or Not Guilty’ the podcast that puts you in the jury box.”

Although her voice is recognised Australia wide by true crime junkies, Rachel likes to keep her identity under wraps. So, when Rachel finds an alarming note taped to her windscreen as she travels out of town to cover a high-profile rape case. Leaving her disturbed and on edge.

The anonymous note leaver is following Rachel, and is growing more desperate to get her attention. Urging her to investigate the truth of what happened to Jenny Stills in the same small town twenty-five years ago.

Officially Jenny tragically drowned as a teenager, but the letters insist she was murdered.

Rachel becomes perplexed and startled by the connections in the two cases, as the secrets of the past and the present begin to be revealed throughout the book.

A fantastic thriller, that grips you from start to finish. You’ll be unable to put it down as you desperately try to uncover the unexpected truth.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books