Still by Matt Nable – Our Review


Our Review…

Matt Nable brilliantly captures early 1960’s Darwin – a raw rugged outpost, with its relentless humidity, its wild beauty is underlaid with simmering tension between the townsfolk, the police and the indigenous population.

As you would expect in a story set in the 1960’s, a woman’s place was at home, racism is rife and with the heat, everyone drinks far too much.

When young husband and new father, Senior Constable Ned Potter stumbles across the shallow graves of the first of three bodies, killed in execution style, despite his own demons and pressure from his superiors that the victims probably deserved it, he just can’t let the matter go.

A fourth indigenous man is on the run. Bleeding badly, beaten and stabbed, he is at his wits end when Charlotte Clark, the wife of one of the very men who are hunting for him, on a random drive to beat the monotony of being a housewife, decides to hide and aid him.

Never predictable, Still is an engrossing read, terrific in its intensity and a giant step above the typical ‘rural crime noir’ read.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books