ABIA 2022 Longlisted- Still Life by Sarah Winman – Our Review


Our Review…
One of my favourites for the year, Still Life is many things… a love letter to Italy, a rumination on the impact of art and beauty on our lives, and above all the way in which the most meaningful families are made from the people we surround ourselves with.

At its centre is the chance meeting of Ulysses Temper and Evelyn Skinner. Ulysses a young Private in the British Army, while Evelyn Skinner is already in her golden years, a well-respected art historian, there to help identify and recover lost or hidden art treasures. Amidst the German bombs, they have a brief but profound evening together, one that will impact on Ulysses for years afterwards.

As Ulysses unconsciously surrounds himself with eclectic and highly memorable characters, from his young adopted daughter, to his great love – the feisty Peg, an Shakespearean quoting parrot and the wisely contemplative Cressy – just to name a few, this novel envelops you in its warmth, wisdom and it’s gentle humour. Beautifully crafted, Still Life is true feel-good read to uplift and whisk you away.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books