Stolen Focus: Why You Can’t Pay Attention by Johann Hari – Our Review


Our Review…

“We must shrink our world to fit our cognitive bandwidth” – these words deeply resonated with me when reading this book. Our worlds are busy, distracting, chaotic and complex to the point that we often can’t fit everything in without feeling overwhelmed, out of control or incapable. To be clear, this is not a self-help book touting a way of life or set of steps to get you back on track. It’s an investigative exploration into the myriad reasons why we simply can’t focus well in today’s world.

As a teacher I found a deeper level of appreciation for the challenges that we and our younger generations currently face in learning and in life, and found some food for thought about how we might start steering ourselves in a better direction. Hari’s writing is engaging and accessible despite the depth and complexity of topics discussed. For a non-fiction book, I was amazed by how hard it was to put down – I needed to read the next chapter as soon as possible, just like a good novel. I would highly recommend it to all.

Review by Belinda @ Great Escape Books