Stranger Country by Monica Tan – Our Review


Our Review…
Monica Tan is a refreshing voice, her book speaks into the current climate, particularly significant because it hails from a unique female and Chinese Australian perspective.
Stranger Country is a beautiful blend of travel journal, indigenous history, cultural identity with gracious undertones of self discovery.
In her early thirties, Tan has a crisis of sorts with a realisation, that like many Australians, she has a very limited knowledge of Indigenous history.
Coupled with, her own cultural heritage search as a Chinese Australian, Tan embarks on a path of discovery to find who she is and where she has come from.
A six month sojourn ensues, and the book is largely compiled from journal entries over this time. Six months of living with the bare necessities, driving through the Outback and reckoning with one’s soul.
Tan meets many curious characters, that she embodies so vividly in her writing. Exploring breathtaking and spiritual landmarks while wrestling with deep and difficult musings.
I loved Stranger Country, right from its striking orange cover to the words of profound wisdom. Tan is an intelligent, vibrant author who is a joy to read and engage with.
Review by Lydia @Great Escape Books