Swimming Home by Judy Cotton – Our Review


Our Review…

Judy Cotton is a world-renowned visual artist, currently based in Connecticut, USA and her first book, ‘Swimming Home’ is a dazzling memoir of her fascinating life.

Having held exhibitions throughout many galleries including, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lyman Allyn Art Museum and the National Gallery of Australia, Judy writes on her visceral longing for Australia, her home.

Born in 1941, to Eve and Bob, Judy was sent to a boarding school at four years of age, Judy missed home profoundly while also finding her parents controlling nature to be stiflingly painful.

Her mother Eve was a gifted pianist whose career was cut short, in part by her perfectionist tendencies, who Judy describes as “brilliant and exacting”. After marriage, Eve established a successful sheep stud in the Blue Mountains while supporting the political ambitions of her husband.

Bob Cotton, Judy’s father was charismatic and charming, a federal minister and ambassador to the United States who held traditional aspirations of just who his daughter should become.

But fierce, feisty, and independent Judy would forge her own way in the world. Including a freedom break to Korea and Japan in the late 1960s and later discovering the art world in New York.

With wit, humour and honesty, Judy tells her story of family, relationships, and the anchor of home that we all hold deep within us.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books