Tarin of the Mammoths, The Exile, by Jo Sandhu


Our Review….
This is the first book in an exciting new Stone Age Series. Tarin lives in the Mammoth Clan and longs to be a hunter, but he has a twisted leg which means that many in his clan fear and bully him. After Tarin is blamed for a failed hunt, he is forced to leave his family and must then travel alone, across wild, dangerous unknown lands to save his Clan. During his quest, he meets brother and sister twins, who are fleeing also after a sickness strikes their own clan. Together, they battle the savage and hostile Boar Clan, illness, injury and find they must also care for 2 orphan wolf cubs during their treacherous journey. If they are to survive, Tarin realises he must conquer his own fears and have the courage to accept and use the magic that hides within him. An exciting, adventure filled story that is hard to put down. I can’t wait for book 2!
Ages 9-12 Review by Jenny @ Great Escape Books