Thaw by Dennis Glover – Our Review


Our Review…

Dennis Glovers latest novel Thaw is a captivating combination of historical and speculative fiction exploring the mystifying frozen continent of Antarctica. The novel recounts the journey of Captain Scott and his team on their fatal expedition while also following the fictional Great-Granddaughter of Scott’s chief meteorologist.

Part of the novel follows the treacherous 1912 expedition and includes authentic diary entries of both Captain Scott and George Clarke Simpson. Glover skilfully describes the harsh and unimaginable conditions faced by the team and creates a vivid picture of the incredible landscape. He also brings a new light to the guilt and responsibility felt by Simpson who advised the expedition team that the weather conditions would be survivable, unaware of the unprecedented conditions that awaited them.

The novel also follows fictional glacial archaeologist Missy Simpson as she tries to uncover what really led to the explorers’ deaths all those years ago. In her journey Missy must navigate the world of academia, critics, relationships, and the distressing reality of the melting continent.

An atmospheric and enthralling novel, not a genre I would usually be drawn to, I was surprised how much I really enjoyed this book.

Review by Jess @ Great Escape Books