WINNER: The Animals In That Country by Laura Jean McKay – Our Review – Winner of Victorian Premier’s Award.


Winner of 2021 Victorian Premier’s Literary Award – Prize for Fiction and Prize for Literature
Longlisted for Stella Prize 2021
ABIA Longlist 2021 – Small Publishers Book of the Year

Our Review…

If there was ever a novel for the current time, it’s ‘The Animals in that Country’ by Laura Jean McKay.

The country is in mayhem, uncertain and afraid as a pandemic sweeps throughout.

This virus is not like any other, most unusual and alarming with those infected beginning to understand the language of animals. First mammals, and then even the birds and insects begin to chatter too.

Jean is not your standard grandmother but, she absolutely adores her granddaughter Kimberly. Jean is rough, tough and has zero tolerance for idiots. She much prefers the company of animals to humans, and has set up life in an outback wildlife park.

As the virus begins to take hold, many people begin to lose their minds and Jean’s son Lee is among the affected.

When Lee flees with her beloved granddaughter, Jean can only follow. With a young dingo called Sue as her companion, the two set out together confronted on the journey with the strange new normal.

A truly unique and profound novel that is daring, and striking. Posing the question, what impact would the voices of animals make if they could be heard?
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books

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