The Anniversary by Stephanie Bishop – Our Review


Our Review…

The happy couple are cruising on the seas, celebrating their wedding anniversary. The holiday appears to be filled with all the usual romantic getaway activities; sunbathing, letting loose after one too many drinks, reading and moments in the cabin sharing oodles of intimacy.

JB Blackwood is a novelist, who was once a mere student of Patrick, a film director, and her college professor. The forbidden love, unstoppable at the height of Patrick’s popularity.

But now, JB has established an illustrious identity for herself, and she stands on the edge of notoriety as she is posed to be awarded for a major literary prize. While Patrick, is fading into the shadows.

Surrounded by open waters, the darkness and isolation could consume any ordinary couple, and when Patrick is abandoned overboard in a treacherous storm, the salty air becomes suffocating for even this seemingly perfect pair.

On recovery of the body, JB is confronted with the questioning eyes, and the truth is slowly unravelling as tragedy exposes countless secrets.

‘The Anniversary’ is a broody, tense suspenseful read, containing a myriad of stories within the one book. Easy to read prose but laden with depth, this book will have you reflecting on it for some time.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books