The Anzac Billy by Claire Saxby- Local Author


Very poignant and beautifully illustrated …The Anzac Billy by Claire Saxby, illustrated by Mark Jackson & Heather Potter

Claire Saxby is a local author in the Surfcoast who has penned a very gentle story of a child wanting to let his father, who is serving overseas at war, know he greatly cares for him.

During World War I, Australian and New Zealand soldiers on the front were sent Christmas care packages in a tin billy.
The Anzac Billy is the heartwarming story of a little boy packing a billy with all his father’s favourite things – added to by mum and grandma – even though deep down he realises there is no way that the billy can actually go to a particular soldier.

Perfectly researched, exquisitely rendered, no reader could fail to be moved by this story of Australian and New Zealand soldiers.

This would be a particularly great read for schools on Anzac Day.