The Attack by Catherine Jinks – Our Review


Our Review…

Robyn Ayres is at home living an isolated life on Finch Island, a once leper colony in the coast off Queensland and working as a camp caretaker.

Currently, she hosts a bunch of troubled teens who have been sent to a tough love camp run by a group of ex military hard ass leaders. For many of the teens, this is their last chance at turning their Iives around.

Robyn is terrified when she realises that she recognises one of the teens, she was once his primary school teacher and Darren was then called Aaron.

Flashing back, to the nasty and bitter family custody battle with a domineering and controlling grandmother that left Robyn feeling helpless and alone. Remembering, being stuck in the middle of protecting her students from harm, Robyn begins to suffocate under the memories of helplessness.

Why is her past catching up on her and will she make it out alive this time?

Switching between present day, and the 10 years prior, ‘The Attack’ is a fast-paced thriller that will have your heart racing until the very end.

Enthralling, brilliant and a poignant portrayal of toxic family dynamics. I am a complete Catherine Jinks fan and can’t wait to read what’s next!

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books