✭ The Bell of the World by Gregory Day- Miles Franklin Shortlisted – Our Review


Our Review…

Gregory Day is a much loved author at Great Escape Books, and we are so very pleased that he is receiving widespread recognition for his latest novel, The Bell of the World by literary community both at home and internationally.

Locally, Carmel Bird in The Saturday Paper writes,  “This novel is a glorious creation, a singing gift. The reading mind is transported to a wider world: guided, illuminated, and nourished.”

The praise continues in The Guardian, with Jack Callil describing the work glowingly, writing, “The novel’s incantatory yet challenging prose makes flaneurs of its readers, leading us down innumerable warrens of evocative natural imagery and sinuous thought.” It is heart-sleeving earnest … often it is hypnotic, eschewing read-by-numbers storytelling that deadens much contemporary Australian fiction. It is also resplendent with literary allusions and encyclopaedic ecological knowledge.”

Personally, I’m absolutely loving my journey with Sarah Hutchinson, who at the turn of the century who has never fitted into the narrow confines of an English boarding school or the rigid expectations of her frigid mother and her largely absent father. Packed off as a burdensome child she is sent to stay with her eccentric Uncle Ferny on his farm, Ngangahook in the wilds of Aireys, which in her eyes is no punishment at all. Greg of course weaves stunning imagery of the very essence of the earth, of trees, of old possums and of course of birds throughout this novel, portraying his great and vast love of the land of Aireys and the Bambra surrounds.

Come and read this mesmerising, glorious and utterly beautiful novel for yourself.

Limited signed editions available in-store only.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books