The Bendy Friend (Ginger Green, Play Date Queen #10) by Kim Kane


Ginger Green is BRIMMING with excitement, BURSTING to dance and BUSTING to play with her friends. But will she ever have a drama-free play date? There’s no such thing, but don’t worry because Ginger Green IS the Play Date Queen!

So many things can go wrong on a play date. Isla won’t share? Maisy is naughty? Edgar doesn’t do dress-ups? Don’t worry – stick with Ginger and you’ll have a ball!

In The Bendy Friend, Ginger saves a shopping trip from boredom with her VERY bendy friend Martha.
Cartwheels, handstands and flips in the cereal aisle are fun, but what happens when they end up in the doctor’s office?

Find out in Ginger Green, Play Date Queen: The Bendy Friend!

Play dates are a fabulous way to explore friendships and social etiquette in a way young readers will love. In this fun early-reader series, the clever Ginger Green navigates a range of tricky social situations with a lightness of touch and gentle humour. It’s the perfect companion for any child who is making their way from picture books into chapter books.