The Bird Book: A curious compendium of 50 wild birds by Sophie Blackman (Hardback)


Written by vegan wildlife presenter and filmmaker Roxy Furman, and nature writer, poet and film-artist Dr Meriel Lland, this pocket companion for the newbie birdwatcher will introduce you to 50 stunning birds often seen in the UK and Europe.

Birding is one of the biggest trends of the last few years, and whether you live in a high-rise flat or a cabin in the woods, spending time in nature – away from screens – has proven benefits for our wellbeing.

Each illustrated bird comes with a map of where in Europe you’re likely to spot it, facts you never knew about each species, and notes on how we can help birds thrive – particularly those under threat.

Whether you spot birds on your commute, cycle rides or weekend adventures, this is the perfect book for mindful nature lovers who want to get outside and look after our planet.

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