The Bird Singers by Eve Wersocki Morris – Our Review


Our Review…
Creepy occurrences have been happening around Layah and her detective-reading younger sister, Izzie since they have arrived in the tiny holiday cottage in the English Lake District.

The girls are both disgruntled at wasting their holidays in the quiet backwater village, but when dead birds appear on their doorstep and a sinister whistling starts up in the garden at midnight, the girls remember the old legends told to them by their Polish grandmother of witches who steal children in the night. When Layah begins to have visions of a woman with huge yellow eyes and long white hair, they both start getting more then concerned. Why is their mother has been behaving very oddly, where is their father and who is the Lowesdale Stranger that the villagers talk of?

The Bird Singers is a thrilling middle grade read that while it will have your child hooked on the mystery while also dealing positively with sibling dynamics, change and grief within a family unit. A charming read for a child who loves a great mystery.

A thrilling debut from remarkable new talent, Eve Wersocki Morris.
Review by Nicole