The Book of Goose by Yiyun Li – Our Review


Our Review…

A powerful and breathtaking story of love, friendship, creativity, and the moments that capture us throughout our lives.

Ten years ago, Agnes escaped the French Countryside for America. Agnes is abruptly transported right back to her formative years, when she receives word that her childhood best friend Fabienne is dead. Now that Fabienne is gone, Agnes can tell her story.

Together the two friends were exposed to a lot, as they created a rich inner world that was hidden from those around them.

Agnes became a scribe for the disturbing and unimaginable stories that Fabienne concocted, and it is through the publication of these stories that Agnes becomes famous. But when Agnes is forced to move to a boarding school, Fabienne invents a nasty lie that further creates a scandalous pain and grief.

All this told through the eyes of Agnes, looking back over her life as the processes out loud the good, bad, and ugly of it all, coming to understand her teenage experiences in a new light.

A literary journey that is complex and intricate, but brilliantly written and entirely compelling. This is one worth reading.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books

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