The Book Of Hidden Wonders by Polly Crosby – Our Review


Our Review…
The Book of Hidden Wonders by Polly Crosby is the intriguing story of Romilly, a young girl who lives in a rundown shack with her father in the countryside.

Her father is certainly an eccentric man, an artist who finds notoriety when his picture story books become a sensation. Rommily, and her beloved cat Monty are thrust into the spotlight as the main characters in the now famous book series with their lives documented for all to read.

Readers become convinced that the books have a hidden treasure hunt leading to a magnificent prize, concealed within the pages causing many strangers to appear on their doorstep seeking answers.

But as time goes on, Romilly’s father changes and becomes increasingly irrational and suspicious of everyone and everything. Romilly is confronted with her father disappearing before her eyes and as her world spins uncontrollably she must discover who she is for the first time.

I was entirely captured by this beguiling story, I loved the mysterious turns and relished being taken out of my control with no idea where we were heading right until the end.
Magnificently dark!
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books