The Boy and The Spy by Felice Arena


The Boy and The Spy by Felice Arena
Our Review
This book is a thrilling and moving WW2 adventure, written by one of Australia’s much loved children’s authors.
It is the story of Antonio, a young orphan boy, who must fight to survive in Nazi occupied Sicily, in Italy.
From the first chapter the reader is plunged into an action packed scene where Antonio is running from a Nazi soldier after placing satirical drawings on a German motorcycle.
Antonio must either surrender to the soldier or leap from a high cliff to the sea below in order to escape.
After surviving his fall, Antonio discovers an American Spy injured and hiding in a sea cave. He decides to trust the spy and then secretly helps him connect with the local partisan network.
What follows is an action packed adventure, where Antonio faces many challenges. However with some courage, friendship and trust in the people who love him, we are swept along with Antonio into a very moving conclusion.

Review by Jenny @ Great Escape Books.