The Broken Wave by Matthew Ryan Davies – Our Review


Our Review…

Set in the small seaside town of Queenscliff on the Bellarine Peninsula, we meet two young boys who become firm friends.

Tom is a local boy, from an average family who has many endearing qualities. A young fisherman, he befriends the new kid in town, Drew. Drew has moved with his very pregnant Mum and stepfather all the way from Minnesota.
From different worlds, the boys find a sense of adventure exploring the outdoors and growing up on the sand.
The two boys quickly forge a firm connection and the short time they spend together becomes formative in their lives forever, after an unimaginable catastrophe tears them apart.
When Drew receives news that Tom has passed away tragically and in concerning circumstances, he flies back to Queenscliff and right into the world he left behind as a young boy.
Back in the picturesque community, Drew is drawn back into time, and as he spends time with Tom’s teenage son and the rest of the family, he is forced to face the childhood events he had long buried. A story of the impact of secrets, intergenerational trauma and how deep pain can remain despite how well disguised it may be.
An emotional tale of love, friendship, and loyalty.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books