The Burning Girls by C.J. Tudor – Our Review


Our Review…

C.J Tudor is the queen of thrillers and her latest book, ‘The Burning Girls’ did not disappoint.

Jack Brooks is not your usual vicar, she is rough around the edges and doesn’t quite fit the bill. Dedicated nonetheless, Jack and her teenage daughter Flo have taken up a new parish in the English countryside of Chapel Croft.

Chapel Croft has a dark and disturbing past, when 500 years ago eight protestant martyrs were burnt at the stake. Followed by the heartbreakingly mysterious disappearance of two teenage girls, just thirty years ago. Jack has no idea what awaits her as the community’s holy spokesperson, but when she learns that two months earlier her predecessor committed suicide in the chapel, she is a little intimidated.

In this town everyone has their secrets and the ghosts of the past threaten to ruin it all. As Jack and Flo begin to settle in, they begin to wonder who is hiding the darkest secret of all, and do they really want to poke the devil and risk their lives.

Mesmerising, thrilling and utterly terrifying this book is fast paced and a real treasure. You’ll love every page.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books