The Busy Body, the instantly gripping whodunnit by Kemper Donovan


‘A wry, whipsmart story. Fast, funny, furious’ The Australian Women’s Weekly

Meet our narrator: witty, nosy, professional weaver of lies – aka ghostwriter for the rich and famous – and now, lander of The Dream Assignment (that is, a politician’s tell-all memoir).

Enter Dorothy Gibson: recently toppled Presidential Candidate, aka that woman, the most talked-about person in the country right now (for the wrong reasons).

Add: an invitation to the middle of nowhere, one well-heeled neighbour dying under Suspicious Circumstances, a secret investigation and an unreasonably beautiful man.

This is a story even our ghostwriter wasn’t expecting. And for once, it’s all hers.

‘Jump on the Kemper Donovan train now . . . The Busy Body is a mystery series for the 2020s, and I can see it being adapted for the big screen’ The Australian



‘It’s buzzy, it’s smart, it’s such a good time’ ABC Radio National’s The Bookshelf

‘An intriguing whodunnit’ New Idea

‘A delight from start to finish. If you like Agatha Christie you’ll love this’ ALEX MICHAELIDES

‘A highly entertaining mystery with ingenuity and flair aplenty’ SOPHIE HANNAH

‘A modern take on classic crime fiction which delivers an addictive mix of Dorothy Parker’s waspish wit and Agatha Christie’s deft hand at ingenious plotting’ Library Journal, Starred Review