The Candy House by Jennifer Egan – Our Review


Our Review…

A much-anticipated release for fans of ‘A Visit from the Goon Squad’ that can be read as a sequel or as an introduction to the captivating, intellectual and though-provoking world Jennifer Egan creates.

Through a complex web of characters who are all connected, Egan explores the notion of human connection, family, privacy, and authenticity in a society dominated by technology and the ability to publicise your thoughts and memories to the world. Each chapter is told by a different character in a multitude of formats, creating an unpredictable and challenging adventure. With a range of perspectives including a man whose job is to ‘algebraize’ human interactions, children growing up in a rapidly changing world, a spy with consciousness wired hardware, producers fighting for a music industry destroyed by technology and a young man who goes to extreme lengths to seek genuine human authenticity.

This novel is like nothing I have read before and required concentration and reflection but was ultimately an exciting, eye-opening, and intriguing journey.

Review by Jess @ Great Escape Books