The Carnival is Over by Greg Woodland – Our Review


Our Review…

Hot on the heels of ‘The Night Whistler’ this new outback thriller is a beauty.

Set in the 70’s in a struggling small town kept alive by the abattoir and the power wielding family that own it. Young Hal is desperate to escape the bullying from local thugs and Mick Goodenough, local cop trying to keep the locals from killing each other and trying to solve a series of “suicides” that don’t make sense and warrant further investigation from unwilling relatives unwilling to risk intimidation from the powers that be.

Dark and dangerous this new genre of outback crime in rural Australia is more popular each day and clever, sharp young minds are taking us on a great journey. Loved this fresh, new voice, couldn’t put it down till the end and what an ending. Loved it.

Review by Sue @ Great Escape Books

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