The Cat Who Saved Books by Sosuke Natsukawa – Our Review


Our Review…

How much do we love a Japanese cat book!

After his grandfather’s death Rintaro has to deal with his much loved bookshop, a magical and favourite place for this quiet, shy boy. One day he notices a large ginger tabby stroll in from the tall, dark shelves. His name is Tiger and he explains that they must go on a journey to save books. They visit 3 different labyrinths all with different lesson to learn about why books are important and escaping danger each time.

Reminiscent of the Greek Odyssey with lessons learnt. The utter joy in this book is the reinforcement that we must treasure books and reading no matter what the world throws out. Every now and then you need to dive into a Japanese cat book. Lessons for everyone.

Review by Sue @ Great Escape Book

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