The Chain by Adrian McKinty – Our Review


Our Review…
‘The Chain’ is a unique book- a dark, disturbing, fast-paced, and nail-biting thriller.
Imagine… your child has been kidnapped and the only way to get them back is to kidnap another child.
What would you do? Are you sure about that…?

While on the way to her oncologist’s office, the nightmare begins when Rachel finds her only daughter Kylie, has been kidnapped waiting for the school bus. The fear, the guilt and the horror is almost too much for Rachel, so she enlists the help of her ex-brother in law Pete to help save Kylie.

Together Rachel and Pete must break all the rules of the land, while following all the rules of ‘The Chain’- and not just for their loved one but for all the children caught up in this unthinkable ordeal.
Based on a concept that encapsulates the common chain letter, and the many real kidnappings that occur worldwide, The Chain is a brilliant new thriller just waiting to be devoured. Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books