The Coconut Children by Vivian Pham- Our Review


ABIA Longlisted 2021 – Matt Richell for New Writer Award

Our Review:

The Coconut Children is a moving coming of age story. Set in the cultural melting pot of Cabramatta in the 1970s the book mirrors the rich culture and layers of community.
Sonny and Vince were once childhood friends, knit together by their lives in the rough neighbourhood.

Now, Sonny is navigating an all girls school, protecting and mothering her younger brother and surviving the hurricane that is her own mother.

While Vince, has returned from two long years in juvie. Vince, has sauntered back into his legendary tough guy status while shadowing a softer private life to those closest to him.
Together these two teen lives will once again collide, smashing into one another like a piñata with all the insides pouring out.

The Coconut Children is nothing short of extraordinary, it’s emotional and hilarious. It’s hard to believe this is the debut novel of a young woman just starting out, the wisdom and depth in the pages is something special.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books