The Colony by Audrey Magee – Our Review


Our Review…

Moody, powerful, remarkable. The year is 1979, a critical point in the Irish troubles, when two outsiders arrive by boat to the remote colony in the Irish Atlantic sea. The community is closeknit and is rare in that it speaks exclusively the Connacht Irish dialect, although the women understand more English than they let on.

The Frenchman, Jean-Pierre Masson is welcome back, he has been studying Connacht Irish dialect for the last four years and appears outwardly keen to preserve the language. However he is dismayed when he arrives to find his neighbouring cottage is rented to a brusque English artist who insists on speaking exclusively in English.

With a gentle hand and empathy Audrey Magee lets tensions simmer and fray as the interlopers adopt an blustering colonial stance, until the whole island starts to fracture at its seams. A magnificent novel quite like any other, luminous and lyrical, I found Magee’s writing to be utterly captivating.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books