The Couple Upstairs by Holly Wainwright – Our Review


Our Review…

Written from the perspectives of three people whose lives have intersected spectacularly, Holly Wainwright has created an un-putdownable thrilling fiction read.

We meet three characters; recently separated Mel, who is the mother of two adorable yet exhausting children. Mel is desperately trying to juggle life, kids, and work all while not completely losing her mind.

Flynn, who lives upstairs and is a mysterious young man, with way too much energy who likes to socialise at all hours and reminds Mel of someone she knew a long time ago.

Lori, the delightful English tourist, who probably should have returned home when the pandemic hit but who has now fallen for Flynn, after meeting him while travelling throughout Australia.

As Mel begins to rely on Lori to babysit her children due her ever demanding career, she is troubled by the similarities she sees in Flynn that she encountered in her first true love. It’s almost as though she is reliving her own toxic experience, and she desperately longs to warn Lori of the dangers, but Lori does not want to hear about it.

As you read, you’ll become a bystander to the story and the characters will have you engrossed in the outcome. I loved this one, it is a unique and fresh read that is brilliantly compulsive.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books