The Covered Wife by Lisa Emanuel – Our Review


Our Review…

Sarah is a super smart, driven and independent lawyer living in Bondi when she falls head over heels for Daniel. Their love affair is passionate and fast moving from the get go. Soon, Sarah finds herself at home amongst the chaos of Daniel’s large extended family, feeling as though she has found the family she always longed for, after growing up as an only child.

When Daniel introduces Sarah to a young Rabbi, and his wife Chani the new couple become enamoured by this very different way of life and being. With them both becoming increasingly involved with the community and moving to live amongst the centre of it all.

Yet four years down the track, the once vibrant and exciting community is now marred by control and a pervasive darkness. Can Sarah find the courage to stand up before she loses herself completely?

‘The Covered Wife’ by Lisa Emanuel is an intriguing story that will have you completely wrapped up within the pages, right until the very end.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books