The Curfew by T.M. Logan – Our Review


Our Review…

My first T. M. Logan read, and it certainly had me hooked. Right from the beginning ‘The Curfew’ is an intriguing book filled with fascinating characters and a thrilling plot.

When Connor goes out with his school friends to celebrate finishing his exams, his parents, Laura, and Andy are confident that he will do as he always does and obey their rules.

But when sixteen-year-old Connor doesn’t arrive home by his curfew, things get tricky.

As the morning arrives, it is discovered that the group of teens went out partying in the woods, but one of them is now missing and Andy has inadvertently given his son an alibi leaving him stuck hiding the truth.

But why is Connor being so secretive and what does he have to hide? Why won’t he help the police find his friend?

A fantastic thriller that is all too relatable as a parent, how do you protect your kids when you’re not even sure what the truth is anymore? A really great read, that is easy to pick up and put down. Sometimes it’s nice to find a book that you can easily focus on and engage in while life is hectic, and this is exactly that. Brilliant.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books