The Deep by Kyle Perry – Our Review


Our Review…

‘The Deep’ by Kyle Perry is a atmospheric crime thriller, and if you loved the author’s debut novel, ‘The Bluffs’ then this is a must read.

Set on the rugged and isolated Tasmanian coastline, amongst the largest sea cliffs in the southern hemisphere is Shacktown, and it is here that the Dempsey family have run an impressive drug syndicate for generations.

But when, thirteen-year-old Forest Dempsey rises out of the ocean, bruised and branded, things are about to get messy. Because, Forest has been missing, presumed dead for the past seven years.

While Mackerel Dempsey is out of prison on strict bail conditions awaiting his next court date. He is desperately trying to turn his back on crime, and turn his life around, just like his cousin Ahab who managed to break the family chains that once controlled him.

But when Forest Dempsey comes back from the dead, they can’t help but be drawn back into the underworld, the underworld that is this unforgiving and powerful family.

‘The Deep’ is a dark and stormy story of modern day pirates, a climactic adventure in the unlit that will have you completely wrapped up in every one of it’s 450 pages.
Perfect for Father’s Day!

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books