The Detective’s Guide to New York City by Nicki Greenberg – Our Review


Our Review…

Pepper Stark and her friends are back in ‘The Detective’s Guide to New York City’, the follow up book to the thrilling, ‘The Detective’s Guide To Ocean Travel’ by Nicki Greenberg.

Pepper is absolutely thrilled to be exploring New York City with her father, the Captain. Once again reunited with her fabulous friends, Norah who aspires to the perform under the bright lights of Broadway and Sol a rising pastry chef there is bound to be an adventure.

The captain has made a lady friend Emmaline, and Pepper isn’t too sure about welcoming Emmaline and her son Elliott with open arms.

But it’s a case of all hands-on deck when Sol is thrust into danger after the restaurant, he works at is visited by the infamous food critic, Anthony ‘the Shark’, Sharkey.

Terribly, Sharkey is desperately unwell after dining on the famous food and Sol’s future is in jeopardy.

Together the friends must find their way through 1920s New York to exonerate their friend and uncover the truth before things really get out of hand.

A fabulous sequel that could equally be read as a stand-alone book. Perfect for confident readers who live a good mystery, ages 10 plus.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books