The Dinosaurs Book by DK


Over 1,000 images and unbelievable facts!

If you think you know everything about dinosaurs, think again. This brilliant, best-selling encyclopedia is absolutely essential reading for dinosaur devotees. Spilling over with more than 1,000 stunning images and hundreds of fascinating facts, this spectacular visual tour takes you up close and personal with the most incredible creatures that ever existed. Dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures are shown in realistic digital reconstructions wth stunning colour and amazing detail. ?You’ll discover how big they grew, where they lived, what they ate, how they evolved, how they survived, and much, much more. You’ll wonder at fossilised bones, teeth, eggs, and adaptations for self-defence. You’ll explore the big breakthrough that established new links between dinosaurs and modern birds. You’ll examine the most recent prehistoric discoveries, including the Nodosaur dinosaur aged 110 million years old and the remarkable feathered dinosaurs unearthed in China.The Dinosaurs Book is the go-to guide for dinosaur enthusiasts, homework help, or just a welcome addition to your family library.