The Dressmakers of Yarrandarrah Prison by Meredith Jaffe – Our Review


Our Review…

In this wildly hilarious read, Debbie, Derek’s only daughter and his pride and joy is getting married. Even if in Derek’s eyes she is far too young to commit to another for life, he would do absolutely anything to be there.

Only problem is… Derek is stuck out in the Yarrandarrah Correctional Facility for a little crime known as embezzlement of funds from his local golf club. His ex wife Lorraine, has made sure all contact with Debbie stopped the moment he was locked up and now Derek just wants his daughter to know how much he loves her.

Inspiration breaks through while Derek meets with his weekly prison sewing circle, as this Dad decides to make a wedding dress for the occasion. Together, the motley crew of crims gather around to create the most enthralling gown but not without some hitches along the way.

Will they get the dress finished in time? Will Debbie let her Dad in?

This gnarly and uproariously funny book is ultimately about unconditional love, courage and supporting others in the darkest of times.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books