The Dutch House by Ann Patchett- Our Review


Longlisted for the ABIA International Book of the Year 2020

Our Review:
The Dutch House’ is Danny Conroy’s home, the one he grows up in with his perplexing and walled father, and his deeply beloved much older sister Maeve.
Danny’s Mum has left. All trace of her has vanished.

The Dutch House is no ordinary family home in Pennsylvania; it is an extravagant mansion with ghosts of its own.
Suddenly, Andrea arrives. Now with her as the Lady of the house, things take a sharp turn into a callous and cold future for Danny and Maeve.

A wonderful story told through the eyes of Danny, a layering of experiences and emotions as the journey unfolds.

A book about complicated family ties, generational cycles, distant parents, a saving sibling bond and how to make sense of it all.
A depth of writing that is so synonymous with Ann Pachett’s gift of story telling, this is a book that will leave you deeply moved.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books