The Electric Kingdom by David Arnold – Our Review


Our Review…

Given the world we live in, it may seem a bit strange reading a book based around a pandemic, but the brilliantly fascinating The Electric Kingdom is so much more than an escapist dystopian novel.

A deadly flu virus has swept across the world, whereby even isolated small communities have trouble surviving. Nico and her dog Harry embark across a frightening landscape on what seems like a futile quest to fulfil her what could be her father’s last dying request. Along the way she encounters some remarkable people and finds love in a world gone dark.

David Arnold’s writing is beautiful- both haunting and poetic, he explores all the big issues of loss and connectedness. The storyline is endlessly intriguing and coupled with its hugely likeable characters, The Electric Kingdom is a winner.
For something completely different, go out on a limb and give it a try, it’s simply wonderful.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books