The Emporium of Imagination by Tabitha Bird – Our Review


Our Review…

If you loved Tabitha Bird’s debut novel, A Lifetime of Impossible Days you will adore her new book, The Emporium of Imagination.
This book will transport you into a distant world, with rich magic, a rainbow of emotions and a truly unique and beautiful story.

Set in the author’s own rural home town of Boonah, the story is about ‘The Emporium’ a mystical shop that just magically appears in the places that truly need it. The book tells the story of three different people, but all who are confronting grief, pain and fear in their own ways.

Enoch a 10 year old boy living with the thick fog of grief after the unimaginable loss of his beloved Dad.

Ann who has recently returned to the town to nurse her precious Nannie through her imminent death and finally Earlatidge who travels with ‘The Emporium’ but whose time is coming to an end.

Together these three characters make for a wonderfully unique and truly memorable experience through life, grief and everything in between. A book unlike anything else, a journey of the emotions that will have you laughing, crying and feeling deeply.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books