The Fall by Tristan Bancks


This is a suspenseful Australian crime thriller about a boy who sees a crime but then when the evidence is gone, wonders if what he saw was real.
Sam is almost 13 and is on crutches after recovering from surgery. Staying with his unreliable dad who happens to be a crime reporter, one night Sam hears two men having an argument upstairs and soon after see's a body hurtling off the balcony. Rushing downstairs, Sam is spotted and now it seems there’s a murderer after him. All alone, Sam then tries to make sense of what he has seen and what he suspects is happening… there is a missing body, break ins, a strange girl next door and a suspicious police chief. This is a thriller with everything – a twisty plot, fantastic characters and lots of page turning action. A great read.

Review by Jenny and Nic @ Great Escape Books