The Family Doctor by Debra Oswald – Our Review


Our Review…

Three very close friends. One is a teacher with 2 young children, one a well-regarded journalist and the other an experienced and kindly GP. When the teacher – Stacey and her two children are brutally murdered by her possessive husband, Anita rails loudly and long against the futility and injustice of it. but it is the popular doctor – Paula, whom when a young mother with a similar background of abuse walks with her child into her office, actually decides to do something about it.

Utterly gripping in its intensity, this intensely real ethical dilemma will have you grappling with what choice you would make if placed in a similar position. Debra Oswald, creator of TV’s Offspring and The Secret Life of Us fame, has her finger on the pulse with The Family Doctor, a very timely novel in the wake of Australia’s March 4 Justice movement against violence in all forms against women.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books

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