The Fogging by Luke Horton – Our Review


Our Review…

The Fogging by Luke Horton is a masterfully created book about the intricacies of intimate relationships, a vulnerable and powerful snapshot into the unravelling of a person.

Tom and Clara are a couple, they have been for a decade and a half or there about, with some periods of an on and off relationship.

Both, are highly educated and learned but struggling in their respective professional academic careers. Not an easy job, they are often undervalued and under recognised.

When they decide to take their first holiday in 10 years, they are both excited and apprehensive. But to almost shade the holiday, it’s on the plane to Indonesia that Tom is crippled by a debilitating panic attack that he keeps hidden from everyone.

On settling into the resort, Clara and Tom find comfortable companions in Madeleine an effervescent French woman and her husband and son. In spending time with others, their own relationship is gently exposed, with their inner workings and pressures untangling.

It’s in this book that is emotional and raw we explore mental health, the complexities of coming to understand yourself and the echo that unspoken communication reverberates throughout the partnership.

Entirely compelling.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books