The French Gift by Kirsty Manning – Our Review


Our Review…

Set against the backdrop of wartime Europe and the present-day Cote D’Azure, Kirsty Manning is gifted with the ability to write beautifully over multiple time periods, bringing history vividly to life.

Inspired by a true story of Agnes Humbert, French Resistance fighter and writer Josephine Murant shares a prison cell with Margot Bisset, a maid unfairly accused of murder. Together they are transferred to a labour camp in Germany, where under impossible conditions they form a remarkable friendship.

The second storyline weaves in the story of Evie Black, who following Josephine’s death, is assisting with an exhibition honoring Josephine’s work as a journalist, resistance fighter and survivor of Nazi  war crimes. As part of her work, she is hoping to unearth an unpublished manuscript- one which reveals a whole lot more than anybody anticipated.

A gorgeous read, The French Gift is a captivating story about the resilience of women, and their courage, strength and unflagging determination to survive under the most challenging of conditions. Beautiful for you or your mum!

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books