The Funny Thing about Norman Foreman by Julietta Henderson – Our Review


Our Review…

Norman Foreman is a 12 year old with a big dream! Together with his best mate, Jax the friends have high hopes for their comedy career, their dream is to take their comedic prowess all the way to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

But when Jax dies suddenly and devastatingly, Norman decides on fulfilling the dream for the two of them. Awkwardly, single Mum Sadie just doesn’t have the heart to break it to her son that he maybe isn’t that funny.

Unfortunately Sadie has more trouble on her hands when Norman decides to track down his father, the one he has never known. Sadie herself isn’t even sure who Norman’s father is and must put her own reservations aside and hold on for the ride, to let Norman find his own way.

A tender, life affirming book that is beautifully written from both Norman and Sadie’s perspectives and will have you feeling all warm and fuzzy. Albeit with a tinge of anxiety.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books